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Promote your business with B2B PR

Promote your business with B2B PR

Although B2B PR doesn’t have quite the same reputation as its jazzy counterpart, Consumer PR, it can pack quite a punch when it comes to communicating a brand, product or service to a targeted audience, raising the profile of a business.

B2B PR requires a highly creative mind.  Often the products or services we write about are conceptually complex as well as being targeted at several different sections of the industry.

This conundrum means we are constantly conjuring new angles to grab attention and striving to produce fresh, original copy to ensure the product engages a specific audience, all the while bringing it back to the overall commercial objectives… phew!

So if you fancy giving your business the PR treatment in 2020, here’s a taster of what you could achieve.

Greater awareness amongst your customer base

Your business needs to be where your customers are at, so creating awareness of your brand is the first step towards achieving greater business success.

At Jello PR we specialise in B2B public relations for built environment sectors, such as building services, specification, facilities management and trades training.  We have a black book stuffed full of excellent contacts from all the specialist industry rags, niche publications and online portals, as well as the more general business related media.

We know the market inside out and we know the places where a mention of your business will have the biggest impact.

Create credibility and build trust

A well-orchestrated PR plan can be much more effective at building the trust of your customers than traditional advertising, where the message comes direct from the company.

By using a series of carefully placed press releases, articles, interviews and blogs in a range of publications, you are creating a third-party endorsed message which cannot be bought and gives your business extra accreditation.

Establishing your online reputation

The movers and shakers of Jello PR are a tech savvy lot, and we believe that in this day and age, a good online presence can be just as effective as the printed press (if not more so!).  The internet is usually the first points of call not just for consumers, but for businesses too.

We work hard to make sure our clients have not only a decent website and social media presence, but also articles and mentions on industry based online news portals, blogs and e-magazines, which also helps to drive more web traffic to their website from search engines.

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