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E-newsletter marketing

E-newsletter marketing

E-newsletters are a powerful marketing tool; one of the most effective means of reaching your customers with successful, tangible results. When executed correctly, E-newsletters can have a major impact on a campaign, and now form an essential part of any marketing strategy for all types of businesses and services.

The successful e-newsletter should be used as a gateway to your main website; something that encourages your contacts to get in touch, build a rapport, and click through, hungry for more information.

E-newsletters differ from other marketing outlets in that anyone who has signed-up and subscribed to receive your information has already expressed an interest in what you have to offer, helping a business build a relationship with its readers and maintain visibility.

Advantages of e-newsletters include:

  • They can be used to increase traffic to visit your website, blog, follow you on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn by linking directly with content featured
  • They can communicate any form of news stories, products, or industry legislation
  • Users can launch new campaigns/help build a brand name, linking with other marketing channels
  • Competitions or deals can be run, enticing readers with a’ call to action’
  • They can generate long-term loyalty to your business
  • There are low-cost, online templates available, which can be easily modified
  • They are more personal than social media
  • Success can be measured! E-newsletters can be tracked using email reporting software and web analytics, such as open rates and click-throughs, so you’ll soon know if you’ve been a hit or not!
  • They are ‘green’! No wasted paper or printing!

And remember… content is key!

  • Ensure content is interesting, informative and engaging
  • Back it up with a ‘call to action’ enticing a response via your website, direct to you or via a social media channel
  • Does it have real value?
  • Is your e-newsletter visually engaging? Is it too busy or not busy enough?

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