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PR – online or printed?

PR – online or printed?

When most people think of public relations, they think of printed coverage in magazines and newspapers, placing a lot of value on a high profile, nationally read publications. This is of course still a big part of PR but you shouldn’t ignore the importance of the internet.

While saying your companies appeared on a certain website may not have the same kudos as name dropping your favourite broadsheet, if that website is visited by your target audience and even if it’s not, getting digital coverage may ultimately act as a more direct sales tool than the printed alternative.

So, what’s so good about online PR?

  • It’s direct: A good piece of online PR should feature a link right back to your website, so you can direct readers straight to the information you want them to read. If they read the article and click on the link chances are they’re interested in your product, service or message. This is also viewed as a link building activity – an important part of SEO.
  • It’s measurable: By using a tracking code on your website and Google analytics you can see whether online coverage has worked, tracking a user from the link they’ve clicked through, to what pages they looked at on your site and hopefully whether they’ve made an enquiry.
  • It’s far reaching: Invariably, an article on a good website will be picked up by other websites and reproduced, reaching even more audiences than originally intended. Sometimes your article may even end up on a better site than the one it started on. Plus, by using social media channels, you can get your coverage out to even more people. Any good website will at least have a twitter feed so the chances are they’ll tweet about it too.
  • It’s interactive: Most websites give users the option to leave comments; potentially exposing you to customers, get feedback or engage in discussion.

If you can, do both! Some people like to read magazines and others read websites; most of us take information from all over the place, so the more mediums your message appears in, the better!

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